Round 1
Apr 24 NJ NETS    96- 93OT Fri 7:00 1-0  SC/TNT  W MJ 39p, Pippen 24p 5a, Rodman 8r
    26 NJ NETS    96- 91   Sun 4:30 2-0  NBC     W MJ 32p, Kukoc 19p 8r, Pippen 17p 9r, Rodman 16r 4a 3p
    29 NJ Nets   116-101   Wed 6:00 3-0  SC/TNT  W MJ 38p, Burrell 23p, Pippen 13p 10a, Rodman 11p 17r 6a

			   Round 2
May  3 CHARLOTTE  83- 70   Sun 4:30 1-0  NBC     W MJ 35p 11r 4a, Pippen 25p 4r 4a, Rodman 7p 14r
     6 CHARLOTTE  76- 78   Wed 7:00 1-1  SC/TNT    MJ 22p 6a 5r, Longley 15p 5r, Pippen 13p 10r 4a, Rodman 18r 2p
     8 Charlotte 103- 89   Fri 7:00 2-1  SC/TNT  W MJ 27p 5r 6a, Pippen 18p 6r 5a, Rodman 10p 17r, Longley 10p 3r 3a
    10 Charlotte  94- 80   Sun 4:30 3-1  NBC     W MJ 31p 4a, Pippen 17p 8a 6r, Rodman 18r 8p, Kukoc 15p, Longley 10p
    13 CHARLOTTE  93- 84   Wed 8:30 4-1  SC/TNT  W MJ 33p, Pippen 16p 8r 5a, Kerr 15p, Longley 13p, Rodman 21r 8p

			   Conference Finals
    17 INDIANA    85- 79   Sun 2:30 1-0  NBC     W MJ 31p 5s, Harper 15p, Longley 12p, Rodman 10r 11p, Pippen 4p 4s 7r
    19 INDIANA   104- 98   Tue 7:30 2-0  SC/TNT  W MJ 41p 5a, Pippen 21p 5a, Kukoc 16p, Harper 7p 9r
    23 Indiana   105-107   Sat 2:30 2-1  NBC       MJ 30p 7a 4r, Pippen 23p 9r 3a, Kukoc 14p, Rodman 12r 6p
    25 Indiana    94- 96   Mon 2:30 2-2  NBC       MJ 28p 5r, Kukoc 18p 4a, Harper 13p 7r, Rodman 16r 4p, Pippen 12p 7r 10a
    27 INDIANA   106- 87   Wed 8:00 3-2  NBC     W MJ 29p 7r 4a, Pippen 20p 8r 7a, Kukoc 19p 5r 7a, Rodman 7r 2p
    29 Indiana    89- 92   Fri 8:00 3-3  NBC       MJ 35p 5r, Pippen 19p 5r, Longley 13p 8r, Rodman 12r 6p
    31 INDIANA    88- 83   Sun 6:36 4-3  NBC     W MJ 28p 9r 8a, Kukoc 21p 4r, Pippen 17p 12r, Rodman 6r 2p, Kerr 11p

			   1998 NBA Finals
June 3 Utah       85- 88OT Wed 8:00 0-1  NBC       MJ 33p 3r 2a, Pippen 21p 8r, Rodman 10r 2a, Longley 10p 8r, Kukoc 9p 3r 2a
     5 Utah       93- 88   Fri 8:00 1-1  NBC     W MJ 37p 5r 3a, Pippen 21p 6r 4a, Kukoc 13p 9r 2a, Rodman 9r 3p, Kerr 7p 2a
     7 UTAH       96- 54   Sun 6:36 2-1  NBC     W MJ 24p 3r 2a, Kukoc 16p 6r 4a, Pippen 10p, Burrell 10p 9r, Rodman 6r 2p
    10 UTAH       86- 82   Wed 8:00 3-1  NBC     W MJ 34p 8r 2a, Pippen 28p 9r 5a, Rodman 14r 6p, Kukoc 8p
    12 UTAH       81- 83   Fri 8:00 3-2  NBC       Kukoc 30p 6r, MJ 28p 4r 4a, Pippen 6p 11r 11a, Kerr 6p 2a, Longley 6p 7r
    14 Utah       87- 86   Sun 6:36 4-2  NBC     W MJ 45p 1r 1a, Kukoc 15p 4a 3r, Harper 8p 3r 3a, Pippen 8p 3a 4r, Rodman 8r 7p
Michael Jordan, voted NBA Finals MVP for the sixth time, scored 16 of his 45 points in the fourth quarter, including the game-winning jumper with 5.2 seconds left, as Chicago beat Utah 87-86 in Sunday's Game 6 of the Finals, winning the series 4-2. It was the Bulls' third straight NBA Championship and sixth in eight years. Karl Malone's 31 points led the Jazz.

Michael Jordan's LAST CAREER SHOT!
With 5.2 seconds remaining in the game, Michael Jordan knocks down the clutch title-clinching jumper. QuickTime .99mb