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    I recommend that you get on Internet Relay Chat (better known as simply IRC). To get there (if you are unfamiliar with IRC of course) you will need some sort of IRC client.  Java clients work, but are not recommended. I would recommend the widely used mIRC, which has everything you need for basic chat, plus more. If you are lost already, I recommend reading mIRC's detailed help documents located within the program.

    Now that you have mIRC and know a bit about it (you'd better! ;)) join in on the chatter. In the Status box, type /server Baltimore.MD.US.Undernet.Org. (any other Undernet server will also do) Once you have been connected, you will be greeted by the motd. You may then type /join #VIPers,#SouthPark,#BULLS and begin chatting in these three channels.

  1. Ichat
  2. MP3 -Java
  4. TalkCity

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